April 2nd 2019 | 8.00PM - 10.00PM

Spoken Word at The Waverley

Are you a budding creative, looking for a way to express your art? Our Spoken Word event is the perfect opportunity for both experienced, and amateur writers to meet likeminded individuals in a fun, relaxed and welcome environment; offering the chance to share your own, or your favourite work, as well as listening to that of those around you! This is a free event, open to everyone! So, whether you want to recite, or just sit back and listen; you are guaranteed a friendly reception.

April 28th 2019 | 3.00PM - 6.00PM

Pixels at The Waverley

"Pixels At The Waverley" will be the last Sunday of every month - commencing from Sunday 24th February 2019 between 3pm and 6pm. This event is £3 entry and that will entitle the player to 3 hours to play on various retro video gaming systems including Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Commodore not name just a few. Some of the exciting games will be Pac Man, Asteroids and the ever popular Dance Mat will be back for people to show off their "Strictly" moves.

01243 823137